1.28 aging the twins up

12-12-15_10-57-51 PM“We have to age them up, Aydan.”
“Can’t they stay little?”
“No. They can’t.”

12-12-15_12-01-47 PM
“Hey, Brooklyn. Hey, Bailey. Let me hold you one more time.”

12-12-15_12-02-36 PM
“You’re both going to be so beautiful. I know it.”

12-12-15_12-04-24 PM
“Too bad.”
“Aren’t you scared?”
“You have no idea.”

12-12-15_12-04-34 PM
“They’re sleeping. Maybe we should wait.”

12-12-15_12-04-52 PM“Please have good traits. Please have good traits.”

12-12-15_12-05-04 PM
“Hello world!”

12-12-15_12-05-09 PM
“Look at me! I’m big!”

12-12-15_12-05-58 PM
“Wait a minute. Who’s that.”
“Your twin sister.”

12-12-15_12-06-05 PM
“I’ve got a twin sister?”
“She’s younger than me, right?”

12-12-15_12-06-19 PM“Just by a few minutes.”
“But still younger.”
“I’m going to be the best big sister ever!”

12-12-15_12-06-46 PM
“Now, ready to age up your sister?”

12-12-15_12-07-10 PM“Wheee!”

12-12-15_12-07-15 PM“I’ve got five fingers!”

12-12-15_12-07-19 PM
“No, you’ve got ten!” Brooklyn said.
“You’re right! Hugging time!” Bailey yelled.

12-12-15_12-08-07 PM

12-12-15_12-07-57 PM

12-12-15_12-08-33 PM

12-12-15_12-09-15 PM“Bye, mommy. Bye, daddy. We’re going to change our clothes!”
The twins ran out of the room giggling leaving Aydan and Justice alone.
“They made less noise when they were babies.” Justice said.
“They’re already interested in clothes?” Aydan asked
“They’re girls. Get used to it.” they both said in unison.

12-12-15_12-18-33 PMHere are the girls after their make-over.

12-12-15_3-37-41 PM
Brooklyn’s hair is a darker brown (A mix of Aydan’s light brown and Justice’s dark hair). She has the same brown eyes as Justice. She wants to be a social butterfly and she is good.

12-12-15_3-38-10 PM
Bailey looks exactly the same as her sister, but she has her fathers hair colour. She is cheerful and she wants to be an artistic prodigy.


12-12-15_12-20-24 PM
“What do you think of our room?” Brooklyn asked.
“I love it! We have our own pink teddy bear!”

Here is their new room.
12-12-15_12-20-35 PM

Oh, I love twins.
12-12-15_12-21-22 PM

Thank you for reading.




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