1.29 The birthday train continues

12-12-15_12-24-24 PM
“Do you think mommy suspects us?” Bailey asked.
“No, if we’re really quiet she won’t hear us.” Aydan whispered.

12-12-15_12-24-30 PM
“I’m so exited!” Brooklyn yelled.
“Shhhhht.” Aydan hissed while Bailey giggled.

12-12-15_12-24-44 PM
“There she is! Happy birthday mommy!” Bailey squealed
“Happy birthday mommy!
“Happy birthday, honey.”

12-12-15_12-25-07 PM
“You need to blow out the candles, mommy!”
“Yes, mommy. What Brooklyn said.”
“Okay, I will.”

12-12-15_12-25-43 PM

12-12-15_12-25-55 PM
“Mommy is even older now!”

12-12-15_12-26-03 PM
“I’m older, but I still look young.”

12-12-15_12-26-21 PM
“Does she really think she looks young, brooklyn?”
“I’m afraid so.”

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