1.30 A normal day in the life of the twins

12-12-15_2-26-14 PM
“Hey, Bailey! What’cha doing?”
“Is that macaroni?”
“Mom said we were going to eat mac and cheese tonight.”
“Not anymore.”
“Anyway, what are you doing tomorrow?”
“Meeting new people.”
“How? We’re not allowed to leave the house.”
“I’ll be right outside. There’s always people fishing.”

12-12-15_2-28-22 PM
“Hello, Mr. Giggles! How are you doing? Have you heard what Bailey did? Funny, isn’t it?”
“Girls! Homework time!” Justice yelled.

12-12-15_2-37-27 PM
“It’s not that bad. Daddy and I will help.”
“Why do we have to do it on a saturday?
“So you won’t have to do it on sunday.”

12-12-15_2-37-29 PM“See, wasn’t that bad, was it?”
“It was horrible.”
“What she said.”
“The more you do it the easier it becomes.” Aydan replied
“We have to do it again?!”
“Sorry, kid. Now off to bed. Justice said
“What? I don’t wanna go to bed!”
“You’ll be up early on sunday.”

The twins walked to their room.
12-12-15_2-40-26 PM
“You handled that good, Justice.”
“You would’ve let them stay up, wouldn’t you?”
“Aydan, I need to discuss something with you.”
“Sure. What’s bothering you?”
“A new nooboo.”


12-12-15_2-44-29 PM
“You already up?”
“Yes. I really wanted to draw.”
“Are you using dinner again?”
“Not yet.”

12-12-15_2-47-43 PM
Aydan and Justice went on a date earlier and found some roses and tulips. They wanted something to pass through the legacy and help pay the bills. Justice signed up to take care of the plants.

12-12-15_2-54-10 PM
“Hey daddy! What are you doing?”
“Heading to work.”
“Why do you work so much?”
12-12-15_2-54-58 PM
“To pay for the macaroni.”
“You know?”
“Of course I know.”
“Are you mad?”
“No, I’m not. Ask us next time though.”
“Okay, daddy. I will.”
“See you tonight, sweethearth.”
“Bye, daddy.”


12-12-15_12-31-47 PM
“It was nice talking to you ma’am.”
“Goodbye, Brooklyn.”

12-12-15_12-33-30 PM
“Hello! I’m Brooklyn! You must be Zoe. Daddy told me about you!”

12-12-15_12-34-13 PM
“So, where is your sister?”
“Bailey is inside, drawing macaroni pictures.”
“How nice.”


12-12-15_12-37-01 PM
“A little bit more blue.”

12-12-15_12-37-03 PM

12-12-15_12-37-45 PM
“I met daddy’s friend, Zoe.”
“Yes. She’s really nice.”
“Wait. Why are you back inside?”
“Mommy saw me outside and sended me back.”

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