1.32 Today is the day

Today is the day. Today Aydan and Justice would welcome a new child into their home.

12-12-15_6-03-01 PM
The day started off normal with the girl heading to school.

12-12-15_6-10-04 PM
And Aydan and Justice going on a date.

12-12-15_6-10-22 PM
“The girls looked happy for the first time in their lives to go to school.”
“Yeah. We should adopt a kid more often.” Aydan joked

12-12-15_6-11-04 PM
“If you think like that, I should really shut you up.”
“You do have quite a way of shutting me up.”

12-12-15_6-11-17 PM
“I studied for years.”
“Let me shut you up now. And I know precisely how.”

12-12-15_6-12-09 PM
“I guess you’re still better than me.”

The couple stood up and walked to the fountain and just gazed at one another for a while.12-12-15_6-13-47 PM
“Do you know,” Aydan broke the silence. “that you are the best thing that ever happened to me? You brought Justice in my life.”

12-12-15_6-13-13 PM
“Wow, Aydan. I think it is time to get that kid, don’t you think?”

Aydan and justice drove to the adoption center and picked up their new child. A few hours later the girls arrived form school.

12-12-15_7-05-37 PM
“Ready to meet our new sibling?”

12-12-15_7-05-42 PM
“Yes. No. Wait.”

12-12-15_7-05-54 PM
“Do we really want a new sibling?”
“Of course! Think about all the fun we’ll have!”

12-12-15_7-06-00 PM
“What if it’s mean? And bigger than us? Then it can beat us up!”

12-12-15_7-05-48 PM
“What if it doesn’t like us?” *gasp* “Or what if it just doesn’t like me, but it does like you? Then you’ll be friends and I’ll be all alone.”

12-12-15_7-06-46 PM
“Hahaha! Bailey! I will never let you be alone! We’re best friends! That’s what these bracelets are for, silly!”
(Look at their bracelets)

12-12-15_7-06-02 PM
“Really? You really want to be my best friend?”
“Of course! Why would you think that?”
“You have so many friends at school and I don’t. And everybody likes you so much because you’re older.”

12-12-15_7-07-08 PM
“You’re my best friend and that will never ever ever ever change.”

12-12-15_7-07-03 PM
“You will also be my best friend forever!”

12-12-15_7-07-16 PM
“Have you heard what Celia Toliver said about you today? *whispers*”

12-12-15_7-07-24 PM
“Yes, but then I said…”

12-12-15_7-07-22 PM
*whispers again*

12-12-15_7-09-49 PM
“And then she went all like: Whaaaa!? And she looked like this!”

12-12-15_7-10-02 PM
“This is why you’re my best friend! Thanks Bailey.”

12-12-15_7-14-09 PM
“No problem! Now. Ready to meet our little sibling?”

12-12-15_7-14-05 PM
“Yes!” Brooklyn squealed.

12-12-15_7-14-17 PM
“Bailey, would it be a boy or a girl?”
“Only one way to find out.”
“If it’s a boy? Can we still dress it in pretty pink dresses?”

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