1.33 Where is…

“Or just in pink clothes?”12-12-15_7-14-41 PM
“Brooklyn! Are you coming?”
“Yeah. Yeah. I’m coming.”
“Look! There it is!”

12-12-15_7-14-50 PM
“Is it a boy or a girl?”
“Only one way to find out.”

12-12-15_7-15-02 PM
“It’s sooooo tiny!”
“Yeah, but is it a girl?” Bailey asked
“You look!”
“No you! You’re the oldest.”

12-12-15_7-15-10 PM
“Girls! You’ve met your new brother I see.”
“Yes, brother.” Justice said as she kneeled next to them.
“What’s his name?” Brooklyn asked out of curiosity.
“Can we call him Benny?!” Bailey asked.
“Of course you can.”
“Let’s sit down. It’s time for dinner.”

12-12-15_7-19-31 PM

12-12-15_7-19-22 PM

12-12-15_7-20-38 PM

12-12-15_7-41-14 PM“Brooklyn!” Bailey laughed even harder “What did he say to that?”
“He said—”
“benny’s crying!”
“What do we do?!
“I don’t know!”
“Shht! Maybe we should stop screaming.” Brooklyn whispered.
“You’re right. If we’re quiet he’ll stop.”

12-12-15_7-42-00 PM

“He’s not stopping!” Brooklyn yelled “Should we get mommy and daddy?”
“No! We’re his big sisters! We can do this!”
“You go first then.”

12-12-15_7-42-57 PM
“Hey Benny!” He didn’t stop “Your big sister is here!” He didn’t stop “Bailey!” Bailey was starting to get desperate.

12-12-15_7-43-09 PM
“Shht! You can stop now!”
“Bailey! He’s not stopping!”
“You try!”

12-12-15_7-43-31 PM
“Hey Benny.” Brooklyn whispered “You don’t need to cry.” He didn’t stop “Your biggest sister is here and I won’t scream.” He didn’t stop.

12-12-15_7-43-23 PM
“Shht.” He didn’t stop “Please stop crying.” He didn’t stop “Please?”

The door went open and Aydan entered the room.
12-12-15_7-44-03 PM
“Hey girls. Is he crying?”
“Yes. We tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen.” Bailey complained.

12-12-15_7-44-15 PM
“He was just hungry. Weren’t you Benny? But you girls did a very good job with him.”

12-12-15_7-44-25 PM
“We are great big sisters.”


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