1.34 The magic of new life

The arrival of Benjamin was a bit quiet, but it blew life into the household. Justice was up at the weirdest hours again.12-12-15_7-47-28 PM

“3 A.M. diaper changes? Boy, I’ve missed this.”

12-12-15_7-54-25 PM
“Don’t cry. Mommy wants to sleep.”

12-12-15_7-54-12 PM
“And now you’re hungy, huh? And mommy had to wake up again? Well, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Justice invited Mathilda over again.
12-12-15_7-55-40 PM

And she fished more too.
12-12-15_7-58-15 PM

Aydan setted up a routine for the family in the morning. The girls would wake up right before he headed to work. he mostly tried to eat breakfast with them, but that didn’t always work out.
12-12-15_7-49-32 PM

And Bailey started playing the violin. Though not everybody appriciates it12-12-15_8-01-42 PM

Anyway Bejamin’s arrival was something the whole family didn’t know they needed.


Thank you for reading.


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