1.36 Play date

After Benjamin aged up, Bailey immediately became good friends with him. Brooklyn loved her new brother, but didn’t took the change as well as her sister did. Brooklyn wanted to play with people she knew for a longer period of time. Her two friends-who are brother and sister- invited Brooklyn to a play date at their house.

12-12-15_9-40-13 PM
“Brooklyn! You’re here!” Mateo shouted in exitement when he saw his friend.
“Hey Mateo! Where’s Kendra?”
“Let’s go inside then.”

12-12-15_9-43-31 PM

Brookln went inside and she and her two friends played games and talked all afternoon.

Jeanette Fine, the mother of Kendra and Mateo came inside and sat down.
12-12-15_9-43-59 PM
“Hello Brooklyn.”
“Hi Jeanette!”
“I’ve heard your brother aged up. Is it nice to be a big sister?”
“No! Everybody thinks it’s great, but it’s not!”
“I’m alone.”
“What do you mean, sweetie?”
“I like Benjamin. He’s funny, but he and Bailey are such good friends! And I kinda feel left out.”
“Well, you and Bailey are great friends, aren’t you?”
“Best friends!”
“Having a sibling is great, right?”
“Then why is Benjamin different?”
“Because he looks different. Why couldn’t mommy and daddy give us a real brother?”
“Do you think Mateo and kendra are siblings?”
“Of course.”
“They’re adopted too. Just like Benjamin.”
“It’s just weird.”
“Give him a chance. He’ll become your best friend.”
“Bailey is my best friend. Nothing will ever change that, but thank you Jeanette.”
“No problem. It’s getting late. I’ll bring you home.”

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