1.37 Masterminds

12-12-15_9-25-31 PM
One morning, Bailey was paying with her toys to complete her aspiration. Brooklyn ran inside exited.

12-12-15_9-33-57 PM
“We need to get working.”
“What do you mean?”
“Our days of childhood are almost over!”
“Big suprise. What is the problem? Aren’t you exited? We’re going to be teens! We get to do teen stuff. Like talk to boys!”
“Nobody will talk to us if we don’t make an impression!”
*gasp* “What?”
“We need to make an impression on everybody. We need to have a reputation.”

12-12-15_9-33-19 PM
“And what better way to do that,” Brooklyn continued “than to become partners in crime and pull pranks on everyone!?”

12-12-15_9-33-12 PM
“That is the best plan ever!”

12-12-15_9-33-30 PM
“We could release the gerbils!”
“Or barricade the classroom!”
“Start a foodfight!”

12-12-15_9-33-28 PM
“Or, we could wrap everything in bacon!” Brooklyn stared laughing mischievously.
Bailey started giggling. “Brooklyn! You’re so funny!”


12-12-15_9-29-30 PM
“I can hear them laughing, mommy. What are they laughing about?”
“Nobody will ever know, Benny.”

Thank you for reading.


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