1.38 What did we accomplish

12-13-15_3-13-51 PM
“And then we just yelled: ‘Foodfight!’!” Bailey said
“And the foodfight was a fact.” Brooklyn continued.
“Man! Why am I never there when these kinds of cool things happen?”

12-13-15_3-13-54 PM
“You’ve gotta make them happen, Benny.”
“Easy for you to say. You have a partner in crime. And, aren’t you scared the teachers will let you fail?”
“You have to live your life, Benny. Take risks.” Bailey explained.
“Wait! They can take our A away?! Bailey! They could’ve taken our A’s!”
“We would still have B’s.”
“But aren’t A’s better than B’s?”
“We’re the B generation. Not the A generation.”


After their meal they got dressed and headed to school.

12-13-15_8-45-04 PM
“Last day with my friends.”
12-13-15_8-44-58 PM
“Last day of easy homework”
12-13-15_8-45-08 PM
“Last day of being in the same school with Bailey and Brooklyn.”

That evening, Justice had a talk with her children.

12-13-15_9-20-36 PM“So, girls? Did you finish your aspirations?”

12-13-15_9-21-13 PM
“I did! I accompished two!”
“Two! Good job sweetie!”
“Which one?” Brooklyn asked.

12-12-15_12-34-40 PM
12-16-15_1-05-31 PM“Artistic prodigy and your aspiration too, Brooklyn! Social butterfly!”

“How about you Brooklyn?”
“I didn’t complete two aspirations.” Brooklyn said sadly
“That’s okay. Did you like your childhood?”
“It was amazing!”
“That is all I care about.”

12-13-15_9-21-00 PM
“Really! I completed my social butterfly aspiration!”

12-12-15_10-07-03 PM

“That is both amazing. I’m sure you’re going to be two amazing teens.”

Thank you for reading.


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