1.39 Two teen spins

Hi! I’m so incredibly sorry for not writing. The fifth year hit me. Hard! I suddenly had a lot less free time and I finally found out that I don’t like writing as much as I thought I would. I really don’t like writing like this. I won’t give up on this legacy though. I had way too much fun for that. I’m just going to write in a different way. I’m gonna try a few different¬†things for the next chapters until something sticks. Sorry again. I’ll also try to be more active on the forums so I can finally become a member. Anyway without further ado I present to you the chapter where the two most cute kids ever age up into teens.


“Party. The twins are aging up.


I can’t handle these two aging up. They’re too cute.


Benjamin is such a sweet kid. He’s so about everything happy.

Look at them! So innocent!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


They both agree. They need a makeover!!!!

The girls are both Justice clones. And they are both stunning.

Meet the new aged-up Brooklyn Grimes. Her childhood trait is good and her aspiration was social butterfly, but she didn’t complete her second aspiration. Rambunctious scamp.



Her new trait is gloomy and her dream in life is to be a master mixologist.


Bailey’s first trait is cheerful and she completed two aspirations. Her first was artistic prodigy and the second one was social butterfly.12-16-15_2-16-28-pm


Bailey’s new trait is bookworm and her aspiration is ….









Serial romantic.







Do you now understand why I didn’t want them to age up!?!¬†Innocence gone!


Thank you for reading and I want to say again how sorry i am.


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