1.40 Are all teens like this?

The girls stayed quite cute after they aged up. They still had their diners together. Just with some tiny changes to their behaviour. Look at Brooklyns face.

12-16-15_3-03-55 PM.png

Aydan made sure to spend time with the girls alone.

12-16-15_3-19-14-pm12-16-15_3-18-59-pm“How is your new school, honey?
“Great! There are soooo many cute boys at school!”
Teen girls are fun aren’t they, Aydan?

12-16-15_3-23-51-pm12-16-15_3-23-56-pmAydan needed to mentor sims so Bailey volunteered. She’s doing it to look better, but don’t tell that to her dad.


Brooklyn spended all her free time behind the bar, mixing drinks often joined by her brother of mother.

Rarely by her father though
“Mixing drinks, eh? You know you can’t drink yet?”
“Of course, dad. I just like mixing ’em.”

12-16-15_3-32-08-pmSuspicious ” sure……”

He does not trust her.

But she sure does love mixology.


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