1.41 Bad boy

Bailey and Brooklyn always did their homework together. They talked more than they made progress on their homework though.

“I met this boy at school, Wolfgang. He’s a real bad boy. Wearing a leather jacket and stuff.”
“Are you really sure that’s your type, Bailey?”
“Sure he is. He’s hot.”

She also told the rest of the family at dinner. Aydan did not like this Wolfgang guy.12-16-15_4-35-48 PM.png
“Wolfgang, he?”
“Aydan.” Justice stopped him “I know what you’re going to say. Let the girl be.”
“Getting this crazy about a boy when you’ve just met him isn’t a good idea.”

12-16-15_4-36-21 PM.png
“Oh, really? Caiden and Mathilda told me you went even more crazy after you met me and look how we turned out.”
“They told you what?!”
“They’re also my friends, you know.”
“So, dad?” Brooklyn said “What do you think about Wolfgang now?”
“I still want to meet him. Then I’ll draw my conclusions.”

The next day, Justice and Aydan went to the park and had a date

And when the parents aren’t home, you invite your boyfriend.

But that didn’t go really good

Wolfgang wasn’t a good boyfriend like bailey thought. They both decided – well, Bailey did- that is was for the better if they would break up.

12-16-15_7-59-03 PM.png

Bailey’s first encounter with love didn’t go well. She hid in her romantic books. Where love fixed everything.

The twins had a chat about it that morning12-16-15_8-01-15 PM.png“He did what?!” Brooklyn responded when her sister stopped talking.

12-16-15_8-01-19 PM.png
“Don’t worry! I’ve already got my eyes on a new guy.”
“Bailey? I don’t think getting a new relationship that fast is a good idea.”
“Nah! That’s boring, sis!”

12-16-15_8-05-11 PM.png
“Yeah, Brooklyn! Don’t be boring.” Benny interupted.
“See! He’s a genius. He knows!”
“But kissing is yucky!”

12-16-15_8-05-25 PM.png
“Ha! Now you listen to him and by the way dad really won’t like you getting a new boyfriend this quickly.”
“Too bad.”


Thank you for your patience!



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