1.41 Bad boy

Bailey and Brooklyn always did their homework together. They talked more than they made progress on their homework though.

“I met this boy at school, Wolfgang. He’s a real bad boy. Wearing a leather jacket and stuff.”
“Are you really sure that’s your type, Bailey?”
“Sure he is. He’s hot.”

She also told the rest of the family at dinner. Aydan did not like this Wolfgang guy.12-16-15_4-35-48 PM.png
“Wolfgang, he?”
“Aydan.” Justice stopped him “I know what you’re going to say. Let the girl be.”
“Getting this crazy about a boy when you’ve just met him isn’t a good idea.”

12-16-15_4-36-21 PM.png
“Oh, really? Caiden and Mathilda told me you went even more crazy after you met me and look how we turned out.”
“They told you what?!”
“They’re also my friends, you know.”
“So, dad?” Brooklyn said “What do you think about Wolfgang now?”
“I still want to meet him. Then I’ll draw my conclusions.”

The next day, Justice and Aydan went to the park and had a date

And when the parents aren’t home, you invite your boyfriend.

But that didn’t go really good

Wolfgang wasn’t a good boyfriend like bailey thought. They both decided – well, Bailey did- that is was for the better if they would break up.

12-16-15_7-59-03 PM.png

Bailey’s first encounter with love didn’t go well. She hid in her romantic books. Where love fixed everything.

The twins had a chat about it that morning12-16-15_8-01-15 PM.png“He did what?!” Brooklyn responded when her sister stopped talking.

12-16-15_8-01-19 PM.png
“Don’t worry! I’ve already got my eyes on a new guy.”
“Bailey? I don’t think getting a new relationship that fast is a good idea.”
“Nah! That’s boring, sis!”

12-16-15_8-05-11 PM.png
“Yeah, Brooklyn! Don’t be boring.” Benny interupted.
“See! He’s a genius. He knows!”
“But kissing is yucky!”

12-16-15_8-05-25 PM.png
“Ha! Now you listen to him and by the way dad really won’t like you getting a new boyfriend this quickly.”
“Too bad.”


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1.40 Are all teens like this?

The girls stayed quite cute after they aged up. They still had their diners together. Just with some tiny changes to their behaviour. Look at Brooklyns face.

12-16-15_3-03-55 PM.png

Aydan made sure to spend time with the girls alone.

12-16-15_3-19-14-pm12-16-15_3-18-59-pm“How is your new school, honey?
“Great! There are soooo many cute boys at school!”
Teen girls are fun aren’t they, Aydan?

12-16-15_3-23-51-pm12-16-15_3-23-56-pmAydan needed to mentor sims so Bailey volunteered. She’s doing it to look better, but don’t tell that to her dad.


Brooklyn spended all her free time behind the bar, mixing drinks often joined by her brother of mother.

Rarely by her father though
“Mixing drinks, eh? You know you can’t drink yet?”
“Of course, dad. I just like mixing ’em.”

12-16-15_3-32-08-pmSuspicious ” sure……”

He does not trust her.

But she sure does love mixology.

1.39 Two teen spins

Hi! I’m so incredibly sorry for not writing. The fifth year hit me. Hard! I suddenly had a lot less free time and I finally found out that I don’t like writing as much as I thought I would. I really don’t like writing like this. I won’t give up on this legacy though. I had way too much fun for that. I’m just going to write in a different way. I’m gonna try a few different things for the next chapters until something sticks. Sorry again. I’ll also try to be more active on the forums so I can finally become a member. Anyway without further ado I present to you the chapter where the two most cute kids ever age up into teens.


“Party. The twins are aging up.


I can’t handle these two aging up. They’re too cute.


Benjamin is such a sweet kid. He’s so about everything happy.

Look at them! So innocent!

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They both agree. They need a makeover!!!!

The girls are both Justice clones. And they are both stunning.

Meet the new aged-up Brooklyn Grimes. Her childhood trait is good and her aspiration was social butterfly, but she didn’t complete her second aspiration. Rambunctious scamp.



Her new trait is gloomy and her dream in life is to be a master mixologist.


Bailey’s first trait is cheerful and she completed two aspirations. Her first was artistic prodigy and the second one was social butterfly.12-16-15_2-16-28-pm


Bailey’s new trait is bookworm and her aspiration is ….









Serial romantic.







Do you now understand why I didn’t want them to age up!?! Innocence gone!


Thank you for reading and I want to say again how sorry i am.

1.38 What did we accomplish

12-13-15_3-13-51 PM
“And then we just yelled: ‘Foodfight!’!” Bailey said
“And the foodfight was a fact.” Brooklyn continued.
“Man! Why am I never there when these kinds of cool things happen?”

12-13-15_3-13-54 PM
“You’ve gotta make them happen, Benny.”
“Easy for you to say. You have a partner in crime. And, aren’t you scared the teachers will let you fail?”
“You have to live your life, Benny. Take risks.” Bailey explained.
“Wait! They can take our A away?! Bailey! They could’ve taken our A’s!”
“We would still have B’s.”
“But aren’t A’s better than B’s?”
“We’re the B generation. Not the A generation.”


After their meal they got dressed and headed to school.

12-13-15_8-45-04 PM
“Last day with my friends.”
12-13-15_8-44-58 PM
“Last day of easy homework”
12-13-15_8-45-08 PM
“Last day of being in the same school with Bailey and Brooklyn.”

That evening, Justice had a talk with her children.

12-13-15_9-20-36 PM“So, girls? Did you finish your aspirations?”

12-13-15_9-21-13 PM
“I did! I accompished two!”
“Two! Good job sweetie!”
“Which one?” Brooklyn asked.

12-12-15_12-34-40 PM
12-16-15_1-05-31 PM“Artistic prodigy and your aspiration too, Brooklyn! Social butterfly!”

“How about you Brooklyn?”
“I didn’t complete two aspirations.” Brooklyn said sadly
“That’s okay. Did you like your childhood?”
“It was amazing!”
“That is all I care about.”

12-13-15_9-21-00 PM
“Really! I completed my social butterfly aspiration!”

12-12-15_10-07-03 PM

“That is both amazing. I’m sure you’re going to be two amazing teens.”

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1.37 Masterminds

12-12-15_9-25-31 PM
One morning, Bailey was paying with her toys to complete her aspiration. Brooklyn ran inside exited.

12-12-15_9-33-57 PM
“We need to get working.”
“What do you mean?”
“Our days of childhood are almost over!”
“Big suprise. What is the problem? Aren’t you exited? We’re going to be teens! We get to do teen stuff. Like talk to boys!”
“Nobody will talk to us if we don’t make an impression!”
*gasp* “What?”
“We need to make an impression on everybody. We need to have a reputation.”

12-12-15_9-33-19 PM
“And what better way to do that,” Brooklyn continued “than to become partners in crime and pull pranks on everyone!?”

12-12-15_9-33-12 PM
“That is the best plan ever!”

12-12-15_9-33-30 PM
“We could release the gerbils!”
“Or barricade the classroom!”
“Start a foodfight!”

12-12-15_9-33-28 PM
“Or, we could wrap everything in bacon!” Brooklyn stared laughing mischievously.
Bailey started giggling. “Brooklyn! You’re so funny!”


12-12-15_9-29-30 PM
“I can hear them laughing, mommy. What are they laughing about?”
“Nobody will ever know, Benny.”

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1.36 Play date

After Benjamin aged up, Bailey immediately became good friends with him. Brooklyn loved her new brother, but didn’t took the change as well as her sister did. Brooklyn wanted to play with people she knew for a longer period of time. Her two friends-who are brother and sister- invited Brooklyn to a play date at their house.

12-12-15_9-40-13 PM
“Brooklyn! You’re here!” Mateo shouted in exitement when he saw his friend.
“Hey Mateo! Where’s Kendra?”
“Let’s go inside then.”

12-12-15_9-43-31 PM

Brookln went inside and she and her two friends played games and talked all afternoon.

Jeanette Fine, the mother of Kendra and Mateo came inside and sat down.
12-12-15_9-43-59 PM
“Hello Brooklyn.”
“Hi Jeanette!”
“I’ve heard your brother aged up. Is it nice to be a big sister?”
“No! Everybody thinks it’s great, but it’s not!”
“I’m alone.”
“What do you mean, sweetie?”
“I like Benjamin. He’s funny, but he and Bailey are such good friends! And I kinda feel left out.”
“Well, you and Bailey are great friends, aren’t you?”
“Best friends!”
“Having a sibling is great, right?”
“Then why is Benjamin different?”
“Because he looks different. Why couldn’t mommy and daddy give us a real brother?”
“Do you think Mateo and kendra are siblings?”
“Of course.”
“They’re adopted too. Just like Benjamin.”
“It’s just weird.”
“Give him a chance. He’ll become your best friend.”
“Bailey is my best friend. Nothing will ever change that, but thank you Jeanette.”
“No problem. It’s getting late. I’ll bring you home.”

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1.35 Already growing up

12-12-15_8-06-03 PM
“I can’t believe Benny’s aging up already!” Brooklyn said in excitement.
“Why doesn’t he stay little forever? He’s sooo cute!”
“Think about it! We’ll be able to play with him!”
“I guess you’re right.”


12-12-15_8-07-15 PM

12-12-15_8-07-23 PM

12-12-15_8-07-31 PM

12-12-15_8-07-37 PM

12-12-15_8-09-10 PM

12-12-15_8-09-15 PM

12-12-15_8-08-38 PM

12-12-15_8-08-34 PM

12-12-15_8-08-11 PM
Meet Benjamin Grimes. A genius aspiring to become a whiz kid.


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