Today is the day that we age up missy. She has been a baby long enough.
Chapter2 1She just loves being a mom to a quiet little baby. But it’s time to age her up to a wild playful child.

chapter2 missy aged up
Her pop is already so proud of his little girl.

chapter 2 missy playing
she got right to their garden to play with her dad.

And after that, she went to the park to play with her cousin Sarah.

You remember Scarlett right? I told you she was engaded. RIGHT? Well, if I didn’t I am telling you now. But she won’t be for long. The wadding was comming up and the happy couple just couldn’t wait.8-6-15_19-24Everybody cheered and yelled”ooooooooooooooooooh”

8-6-15_19-23-2Tobias just wasn’t sure yet. Even when it was happening right in front of his eyes. Almost for the whole ceremony he just wondered about thing noncommittal sims worry about.

8-6-15_19-23“You know Luke I always knew he was the one for Scarlett. I immediately liked him too.”

“Sure ye did pops”
8-6-15_20-46Duuk did not like Tobias at all. Tobias doesn’t want kids while Duuk knows how much Scarlett wants kids.

Back to the wedding.

It was a mavelous party. Some would say it was worth a gold medal.

Scarlett didn’t just get a husband she and Luke became best friends.
Even when they were kids they were pretty close. You know them being the two middle kids. The y had to team up against their big sis being the leader all the time and their small sis getting what she wanted all the plumdamn time.
8-6-15_20-55They never changed a bit.

When the party was over Scarlett and Tobias decided to celebrate it with WooHoo. Just regular WooHoo. Nothing more.

A few days later Scarlett was feeling a little  bit nausious. She was expecting the worst but also best news ever. She asked for advice from her older siblings. But Ella needed to go tho work just as Scarlett arrived .So she wanted to ask Sissy too but Sissy got a new promotion and new workhours. So she just visited Luke’s.
“Gosh Scarlett. You really want the kid don’t you? But he doesn’t?
“Yup. All true.”
“And you haven’t told him?”
“No. I haven’t”
“Isn’t it better to talk to him. I mean he is your husband and the father. He is the father? Right?”
“YES! Yes! He is the father! O god don’t make it even more hard for me. And I know I should talk to him. But I am afraid.”
“For what?”
“He doesn’t want kids AND he’s noncommittal. I am scared he might leave me.”
“You didn’t see him at your wedding. He is madly in love with you Scarlett!”
“I know. But I am scared that its just this phase. When I am still young. Hell! Maybe it’s just the honeymoon phase. In a few weeks he will not love me that much anymore. Especially if my belly is going to keep growing.”
“I think you should atleast say it to him. If he is going to leave you.You are still young enough to look for a new man. And to raise your child with him.”
Scarlett was quiet for a sec there. Luke thought he might had upset her. He tried to talk to her again.
“Scarlett, I am sorry if I upset you I was just thinking worst case scenario.”
“I am not mad. But if he is going to leave me, I will get an abortion.”
“Why I always thought you hated women who wanted an abortion?You even participated in a protest against it.”
“I know. I know. I just hate the idea of it.”
“Then why would you do it?”
“I always looked up to dad. I would be a competly different person without him. A version of me that I do want to be. Without pop I woudn’t even be a doctor. I would be nothing without him. I wouldn’t want my child to grow up without a dad. Even if it is for a short period of time. That new man still wouldn’t be his dad. And the reason? He didn’t want him.
“Wow Scarlett thats pretty deep. Just go talk to him. Maybe he will love the fatherhood. Who knows?
“I am going right now. Thanks Luke wouldn’t now what to do without you.”
“No problem Scar. I will always make time for my favorite sister.”
“I will tell you how it went.”

And she bursted out of the frontdoor almost knocking Femke over.

“What was that about?” she asked
“I’ll tell you later. It’s a long story.”

Thats all folks! See ya later!


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